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RLC Website & Applications Terms of Service

This website is owned and operated by Real Leadership Coaching Ltd "THE COMPANY, WE, US, THE WEBSITE", also RLC Global, RLC Technologies. By using the website, you agree to these Terms and conditions and to use the website in accordance with these Terms and conditions. You also agree with any further Privacy Policy and any additional terms and conditions that may apply to specific sections of the website or to products and services available through the website or from the company. Any clearance into the website whether directly or automated and continued use of the website bounds yourself to the terms and conditions of this website and any other terms on the website. On occasion, due to new intellectual property being added these terms and conditions may change, a revised terms and conditions will be notified to all website users, if you continue to use the website after the new terms and conditions, you are bound by these new terms and conditions.

All products and services on this website are owned/created by us or our licensors/associates/affiliates all these products and services are protected under copyright and trademark law none of these products or services must be used in a way that constitutes an infringement of any of our rights, used for commercial use or used for competition. Until authorised by the company, no authorisation is given to modify, copy, upload, exploit, post, reproduce, republish, transmit, sell, create derivative works, distribute any trademarked/copyrighted/intellectual property from the website. This includes direct downloads given to you from the website from your membership, this may only be used for non-commercial personal use, all copyright must be kept intact and must not be exploited.

Any form of material communicated to the website or representation of the website from blogging/social media/comments, any comments directly sent through the website to the teams’ email/website chatrooms/text or any other form of submission of material is your license that you:

You are the sole owner of all material submitted and are not a representation of anyone else. Any representation of another party must have consent from original party.

You are of legal age, consent of a parental guardian if you are not permitted to be using our website or any websites in conjunction with ours.

All material submitted on the website or on social media/email/text or connected with the website any submission in any form, you grant us exclusive rights to said material. You grant us and our licensors/affiliates/associates/authorised parties unrestricted, worldwide licence, royalty-free, irrevocable access, to copy, to use, to exploit, to modify, to sell, to create derivative works, to display material, to develop in whole or in part for any purpose. You grant to permission to identify/mark you as the sole creator of these materials by name/email/screengrab as we see fit. The grant you have given shall include to exploitation of proprietary rights. This is including rights under copyright, patent, trademark under all laws, although this is included, it is not limited to these rights.

Any content on the website from links from third-parties does not represent the company, the company does not endorse or sponsor such third parties, any information or products on third party links whether opinion, advice, offers/products/services are expressed/owned/distributed by the authors and not us. The company shall not be liable for any association you have made with the third-party link. The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the third-party link; you are acting as your own representative. We do not warrant the use or the results from the use of the third-party website in any form, whether it is their reliability, sources, warranties, terms and conditions, merchandise, viruses, accuracy or otherwise. You are bound to defend, indemnify, protect and hold harmless at all times the company and its associates/licences/affiliates/directors/shareholders/team against all and any claim brought from this matter of your breach of obligation/warranty/covenant/representation. The company is not liable for damages, liability, cause of action, cost and expenses, any legal fees or expenses an arising breach.

Third party products and services may be featured on the sit which enables you to purchase their products and services, the company is not responsible for these products or service whether it be the quality, accuracy, reliability or service, no liability is traced back to the website. If you are purchasing from a third-party site either from a link or directly off the website, the information obtained by the third-party store, whether address, credit card details may be held by both the third-party merchant and the company. We are not liable for other date collection polices from a third-party site, if you obtained products and services from a third-party website additional terms and conditions may apply. Always check the third-party terms and conditions from direct links of their website, you are bound to protect us and not subject ourselves and our affiliates to damages, liability, any claims against us. The company is not liable for any services provided by the third party, we are not responsible for payment, data obtained or delivery from the products or services on the third-party website. This included someone acting on your behalf.

When purchasing from a third-party, you agree to use said third-party services/products/website for non-commercial use, it must be used in a legal manner, for yourself or by legally representing another third party with expressed consent.

When purchasing goods/products/services on the website, if the payment is declined you shall be unauthorised to access key elements on the online courses, if payment is declined we will make every effort to contact yourselves to resolve the issue and allow you access to said courses.

The website will have interactive features throughout the website, a live group chat, log rooms, email services, live team chat pages or any other feature that allows you to express feedback/opinion/interaction with the team or other clients. You have sole responsibility for the material you post, the company has no responsibility for what you post on the interactive features thus hold no liability.

The company does have conditions you bound yourself to by accessing and posting on these interactive features you must not:

Block any other parties from the website.

You must not use the site fraudulently, representing someone who has not authorized the representation.

Disturb or disrupt any networks on the website. Destroy any data on the website or the features.

You must not disobey any policies or procedures given on the site.

You must not interfere with the servers on the website or affiliate website associated with the main website.

The website is strictly not permitted to be used for illegal activity or to encourage any illegal activities.

You must not enter the websites domain illegally or without authorization. You must not hack into any of the clients’ accounts or computer systems in place.

Gather intellectual property that is owned by the company, intentionally knowing you have no authorization.

Disrupt the community on the website with foul language, threating behaviour, pornographic, spam or indecent information. Criminal offences could be brought upon the party involved. The site will be governed by international and national law.

You must not violate any copyright, trademark, propriety rights, private and public rights of any party involved in the website, and the website itself without permission from the company.

Upload or share any information that causes viruses or spam on the website and third party websites. You must not interfere or spam any software.

You must not exploit any information of clients on the website or any of the websites material.

You must not advertise on the website, personally, commercially or representing another brand. The material must not be used for commercial purposes. No advertising is permitted on the website.

Under no circumstances should personal information including public email addresses which they provide from parties on the website be used for marketing gain.

In some areas, the company may decide to host message rooms for participants in the form of boards or chat rooms. Accepting these terms and conditions allows us to remove and refuse continued use of the board rooms or chat rooms. At any time, the company or under the companies’ instructions, content may be altered that users have publicly given in the chats. The discussion rooms are an area to discuss the companies’ products and coaching, under no circumstances must a non-subscriber enter the chat rooms.

The content in the discussion rooms are not predominantly posted by the company or associates with the company, some users may be anonymous. The company shall not be liable for content posted, it does not represent any opinion, advice or endorsements posted in the message boards. We are not liable for any third parties post that may be incorrect, have viruses or hyperlinks that cause harm. No liability by ourselves or associates, affiliates or suppliers for the damage caused by the reliance on goods or services from entering or using the posts in the message boards. The company is the representor of content posted in the message boards, and under no circumstances will be held liable from a third parties post. The company does not have any obligatory policies to monitor the message boards or any content posted in the boards. It is the companies own discretion to monitor the content in the message boards, by accepting these terms and conditions you accept and agree to this. To protect the company fully, content may be refused, altered and edited in whole or part, any information we deem fit may be sent to a third party to comply with legal processes, national law and international law.

When accessing some parts of the website, you may be asked to sign up to view the pages. Some of these registrations will require your demographic information, email address and sometimes personal information by accepting these terms and conditions you are accepting that the information you have provided is true and accurate. If the information you have provided is deemed false or dishonest, the website has the right to remove you from accessing these pages. We keep your information disclosed and do not post it publicly, this is part of our private policy.

When registering for services which you have signed up for and paid for from the company. We as the company allow you access to ALL the material on the course you have signed up for, this access will last for the full course, after the course is complete you will still have access to the course information and products for a further amount of time that amounts to 50% of your original course period after this period your access will be terminated, all use of the companies’ products and services after this is a direct breach of our intellectual property. (For example, if your signed-up course lasts for 6 months, you will have access to the services and products for a further 3 months after the course has been completed).

When signing up to the website and courses, you will access them through a password and username. This will be provided through the registration process. You are fully responsible for the use of your username and password, by accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to maintain the confidentially of your log-in details and not sharing them for commercial use or to anyone who has not paid to sign up for the course. You agree to notify us if you believe there is unauthorised access on your account. If we suspect any unauthorised access, we will terminate access imminently. We are not liable for the damage or loss caused by your failure to secure and protect your details.

DATA - Further, please note that prior to completing the document, users should consider the lawful bases for their processing of personal information.

(a) Consent: the individual has given clear consent to process their personal data for a specific purpose.

(b) Contract: the processing is necessary for a contract with the individual, or because they have asked the relevant entity to take specific steps before entering into a contract.

(c) Legal obligation: the processing is necessary for an entity to comply with the law (not including contractual obligations).

(d) Vital interests: the processing is necessary to protect someone's life.

(e) Public task: the processing is necessary for the relevant entity to perform a task in the public interest or for their official functions, and the task or function has a clear basis in law.

(f) Legitimate interests: the processing is necessary for an entity's legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party unless there is a good reason to protect the individual's personal data which overrides those legitimate interests. (This cannot apply if the entity is a public authority processing data to perform their official tasks.)

Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence or gross negligence shall we, our affiliates, our third parties, shareholders, subsidiary or associates be liable for any direct or indirect damages, whether incidental or purposely, no liability will be held against us from the result of you use of the website, through the message boards, the blogs, the software, the documents, the emails, the use of third party websites, the products and services. We shall not be liable for the use of our services on the website, by accepting these terms and conditions you are aware of this and accept that the company shall not be liable. By accepting these terms, you also acknowledge we hold no responsibility nor be held liable for the offensive, defamatory or illegal conduct of users accessing the website. If you are against these terms and conditions, and are dissatisfied with the products, services, materials, chat rooms, programmes on the website or third party websites, your solely responsible to discontinuing your access to the website, its products and services.

The company shall not be contacted in regards of finance, we will give no advice on finance or investments, we are not a loan company, we will not offer loans for our products and services.

Our company exists to educate the consumers, the materials and services provided are for general informational purposes, they must not be exploited and used for investment, tax, accounting, and legal advice. The must not be bought or sold or used to endorse products or services, we will do not allow the company to be used as a recommendation or sponsor of your company or any company unless written authorization from the company. Our information strictly must not be used for investing.

Our services to you do not include legal, tax or investments, you must seek your own advice before acting upon the website. We will continuously change and edit the website, we make no warranty of the accuracy or completeness of the content provided, expressed or implied. No representation shall be provided by the company, by accepting these terms and conditions you accept these.

As the owners, we have the right to terminate any clients use of the site, we have the right to do this without notice at any point in the course/service. If we terminate the use of your site, we will notify you, you will have no access to the website in which you have been terminated from. Once terminated the intellectual property we have provided will be protected by the terms above.

If you are not satisfied with the products or services, the company has the right to decide whether a refund is provided for products or services from the website, for specific Leadership courses and the scope and contracts are signed off a refund is not applicable under no circumstances.

The company is protected under all national and state laws in which we function in. The companies’ intellectual property is protected under all national and state legislation and are fully protected under these acts and regulations. If you believe the companies products or services may infringe your copyright, in good faith, the representative can request the material to be removed or blocked. If you believe this is correct contact: katie@rlc-global.com.

If any provision or term of this agreement is found to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, then that provision or term will be severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions or terms.

Under our own discretion these terms may be changed at any time, these can be changed due to content updates, new products or any new policies or any other reason we deem fit. If the terms are changed, we will notify this on our website.

If you have any queries about the website or its terms, contact: info@coachpad.com