Release Notes

Whats new in Coachpad?

This article summarizes key new features and improvements in the following versions of the CoachPad

This article does not provide comprehensive information about each new feature and is subject to change.

NEW 1.6 Notifications - Emails not being recieved

29 September 2020


We found that some emails were not being received including invite to CoachPad® as Coach to Client or some notifications. This has now been fixed and a single IP address is available to "whitelist" if this problems reoccurs for you. Please contact us on to request

NEW 1.5 - Notes - Editing and Saving Bug Fix

01 September 2020

BUG FIX - We found that editing a created note wasn't saving the new content. This has now been fixed and when you edit a note all new content and editing is saved.

New 1.4 - Create session, note, task and priority order

31 July 2020

We got some great feedback from you as users - when you create a Note, Session or Task it goes to the bottom , so theres a lot of scrolling to do if its a busy client or project.

This update means now: Your latest Note, Session or Task will appear at the top, so no more scrolling for the most recent session, note or task. Great News.


That task is also drag and drop, so even though the latest task will appear on the top you can still move it in any priority order that you need.

NEW 1.2 - CoachPad, NotePad and Coaching Hub

23 July 2020

This update is all about labels. making it easier to see what is what. We have added headings to NotePad the area where you create ANY note to be linked to any part of your CoachPad

All on your Coaching Hub, front Page. This is also the place to access all your projects, tasks and goals. Easily labelled means quicker to access, do and make CoachPad work better for you.

If you computer caches (saves styles) you may need to give it a gentle nudge by using Ctrl F5 for Windows and Command +R on a Mac or clear caches. This may need you to pop to your history and clear caches

NEW 1.1 - This update delivers an enhanced experience and greater engagement

22 July 2020

The features have been built on top of the initial release of CoachPad, delivering higher levels of engagement and some exciting new features.

If you have not done so already, register as a new CoachPad user and start your amazing journey with us.

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Whats New

  • The app is smoother now as you can easily access your Projects, Goals and Tasks from our new awesome Coaching Hub
  • Note taking can be a chore, especially if you have to make changes offline. Using our CoachNotes facility you can now create private notes, or share your notes with a coachee or project complete flexibilty.

Whats Changed

  • As we have now introduced our awesome Note taking feature on the front page - The Coaching Hub- , you won't find chat anymore as we have took it away from within a Session. Now you can simply make a note, share it, keep it private, add to a project, send to the person you want to read it making it all easier, quicker, faster and in one place to find in My Notes 😃