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Immediately on sign up, this starts the date of purchase and billing cycle.. After this period you will billed based on your selected purchase option (monthly / yearly).
Additional users are charged in a bundle you get 5 users per bundle for £5 creating flexibility for you and boosting amazing value for CoachPad. These will be charged on a monthly basis regardless of the purchase option you selected. You will continue to be billed for any active users.
Any user that can log into CoachPad and access the CoachPad resources.
When new updates are added to CoachPad (go to Release Notes for the latest), it can sometimes make areas of the screen not lined up, or look in order. It's a simple correction using cache on your computer. If you are using a Windows Computer press F5 if you are using a Mac computer press command +R You can also go to your history and browsing information and clear caches this will also give you some memory back so useful to do for any application.