Why You Need CoachPad!

Do you have a coaching or consulting business? Need order? Need to increase engagement and success? Need better results? Need to have everything in one place? Need to manage tasks? Need to manage clients and coaches? Projects large and small?

At a Glance

Need to see instantly and quick client or project progress. It's here on your coachdesk, everything in one easy to glance at, colour coordinated view, % achieved, overdue, complete and diary, project overview - you see it all.

Interactive Goals

Goal Setting is a critical part of coaching and consulting. CoachPad® allows you to create interactive, intuitive, flexible, associated task goals that you can drag and drop, colour code and personalise and much more. Group goals and Individual goals - creating flexibility and personalisation.

Engaging Client Experience

Where's my notes? Each coaching or consulting session is in one place, saved for you and your client to access anytime. Engaged clients yeild better results which is better for your business too. Sessions include instant chat - coach and collaborate even when your not with your client.

One Place For All Appointments

CoachPad® is your one-stop place - who needs to keep moving from app, to app to app and then forgetting what was agreed? CoachPad offers a complete 360 degree view between Coaches and Coachees.

Share, Share, Share Away

You can share ANY document or file, videos, audio, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDFs. Anything that will benefit your client and boost their engagment and success.

Make It Your Own

Admin is a necessity, and we make it painless and straightforward. A clean, self-explanatory user interface guides you through processes and workflow. Remember, CoachPad® is made by coaches for coaches, our workflow reflects decades of personal experience.

Subscription Pricing

Simple, Fair and Affordable for all.